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Peace Dam Location: Dongcheon 1~2ri, Hwacheon-eub, Hwacheon-gun, Gangweon

Contact: Hwacheon County Culture and Tourism Department 033-440-2543

When passing up the dam next to Bukhangang (Riv.), there is a 700m above sea level marine tunnel that is 1,986m long, making it the second longest in the country. Pass this, the Peace Dam, which is built on 20,496m2 on Aemakgol, Dongchon-ri, Hwacheon-eub, is situated in the center of a tourist court that included Iron Triangle ? Peace Dam ? Yanggu Punch Bowl Battle Site ? Goseong Unification Observatory, etc. This dam, which was completed with the donations from the citizens of the nation following the construction of the Geungangsan Dam in North Korea, is a large dam that has a capacity of 290 million tons, a total length of 410m, 80m heigh and width of 260m. Its function for flood control was recently recognized and is bein reevaluated.


  • Driving: Seoul (Route 46) - Guri - Cheongpyeong - Gapyeong - Chuncheon (Route 5, privincial road 407) ? Hwacheon-eub ? Daei-ri ? Ddansan ? Pungsan-ri ? Haesan ? Dongchon-ri (3 hours 50 minutes)
  • Express Bus: Dongseoul, Sangbong Terminal-Cheongpyeong - Gapyeong - Chuncheon ? Hwacheon (2 hours 50 minutes)
  • City Bus: Daei-ri ? Ddansan ? Pungsan-ri ? Shingyo-dae ? Jangjak-teo ? Peace Dam

City Bus Time Chart
-From Hwacheon

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-From Peace Dam
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